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10th September 2011

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Wow. Love is amazing. I really do hope that one day I find the man that will make me happy and that the only thing he asks of me is to love him and support him no matter what. I know I had that love once before but he was taken from me… God knows what he has planned for me and I hope that one day I will get back what I once lost. Dont get me wrong I will love Alex until the day I take my last breath not only because he was my first serious relationship, but because he was just everything I needed in a human being. He was my best friend and I will never get tired of saying that only he knew how to comfort me in every situation. I have been through too many roller coasters in my life. He was there when I needed him and he always cheered me on. I just hope that today and for the rest of my life that he doesnt forget me and the watches over me like he said he would. I Love You Pamfilo. <3

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